Make a Note Before It Ends

Someone reminded me yesterday that this school year is going to be my last Division Schools Press Conference (DSPC) experience. I think I am having a hard time absorbing such fact — that today starts the end of a nicely written chapter of my life. The press conference has not just been a writing and speaking battleground for me, but also a home for cultivation of talent, dreams and perspectives. It is through press conferences where I experienced my sweetest triumphs, most excruciating downfalls and most hopeful acts of redemption. Three NSPC, four RSPC and would-be six DSPC journeys, and I will always be grateful to the people behind this cognizance. I proudly salute my appreciative and helpful companions who molded me into a campus journalist I am today — someone who dreams of becoming somebody in the media industry someday.

Today starts the end of a chapter. And I wholeheartedly hope to make the most out of it.



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